Student Recruiting

Hundreds of employers work with the Stanford Career Development Center (CDC) to locate graduating students for full-time positions, as well as other students for internships or summer employment. CDC facilitates on-campus interviews, career fairs, as well as job banks, databases and other online employment tools.

For the Law School, Graduate School of Business, and School of Medicine, special recruiting services are available directly through those schools.

Stanford offers corporations the opportunity to support the education of students at both the graduate and undergraduate levels through scholarship and fellowship programs.

Another way to learn of and work with graduate students engaged in particular types of research is through faculty members who direct that research. Corporations may investigate the appropriate research center or industrial affiliate program for easier access and possibly a closer working relationship with faculty and students in a particular academic or technical area.

Stanford students are governed, as are faculty and staff, by University policies on intellectual property. The intent of the policies is to limit the use of Stanford facilities to academic activities, prohibiting their use for commercial purposes or personal financial gain. Stanford students may not work for an employer in Stanford labs. The University is particularly careful to avoid possible misuse of students in situations where their advisors may have a consulting, or other professional relationship with a corporation.

Student Organizations

Stanford has many different student organizations. These organizations are often looking for speakers from industry and are an excellent informal way for corporations to get to know Stanford students and students to know corporations.

Graduate School of Business student clubs and organizations
School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences groups
School of Education students
School of Engineering student organizations
School of Law student organizations
School of Medicine student organizations
Student Activities and Leadership

Corporations may also want to contact the Associated Students of Stanford University (ASSU) for more information about student organizations.